Sunday, 24 September 2017


Lori Collins and Ray Rodriguez

When you dream of doing something for your entire life and then you live the Dream... that is Abundance.  It's Christmas Morning.  We're in Tampa. at the airport boarding a plane to Newark, N J.    There we will have a five hour layover before we board our plane to Paris.  This is a dream coming true - I have dreamed of going to Paris for my entire life - Ray inherited my dream  ...We're on our way we've finally boarded and we're comfortable.  United Airlines was amazing. They even provided complimentary beer and wine for our long flight.  We're excited and we're are feeling good.  

How to Appreciate 2016

For those of you who look back and see 2016 as a year that felt like a trip through a scary haunted house in which, after you have narrowly avoided death at every turn, the monster waits until you are just outside and then, when you think you are home free, he catches up with you and spits in your face and rips your eyeballs out and then eats you, take heart. Life in the Boomer Lane has evidence that other ’16s were maybe just a little bit worse.