Tuesday, 26 September 2017


 Kids Against Hunger in Manatee County

There are an estimated 9,000 homeless people in Manatee County, and of those 2,000 are children. Children who are not nourished properly do not do well in school and this has long lasting effects on their futures. Individuals, groups, churches, businesses and other organizations can help by sponsoring packaging events.

UnderDog Rescue Hosts Adoption Event at Motorworks

At a recent fundraiser held at Motorworks during “Yappy Hour” on Sunday, Sept. 18, a huge crowd filled the bar and huddled under tents in the beer garden. The dedication of the dog lovers, attendees and UnderDog Rescue staff was amazing as it was pouring down rain but they scurried around holding dogs, popping tents to get rid of excess water, and selling a variety of goods and raffle tickets.