Tuesday, 26 September 2017


Nicolaas Kraster

Nicolaas Kraster was born and raised in Fredonia, NY. Son of guitarist Rudy Kraster and dancer Kathie Christian. Rudy left the family very early on but left a bass and a guitar in the house in case his two sons might someday play them. Kathie was the town’s dance teacher (Ballet,Tap and Jazz) so Nicolaas grew up surrounded by the arts.

Bradenton Welcomes Mission BBQ

The Maryland-based BBQ chain is opening a brand-new location at 4501 14th Street W., in the Bradenton Cortez Plaza on Monday, March 13.  The shopping center also hosts such great stores as Shoe Carnival, Burlington Coat Factory, L.A. Fitness, Chuck E. Cheese, Chick-Fil-A among others.