• Be Safe This Weekend, Take the Monkey Bus!

    Be Safe This Weekend, Take the Monkey Bus!

    This is a follow up story from March, 2015.  Island Beach Monkeys is bigger & better than ever.  A group of my friends had a chance to use their services last Friday....a bus, a golf cart and an SUV- all in one night.  Be safe this Memorial Day Weekend.  If you're on Anna Maria Island, Cortez or Bradenton Beach, dont drive- hop on the Monkey Bus.

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  • No Such Thing as a Problem without a Gift in its Hands

    No Such Thing as a Problem without a Gift in its Hands

    I just heard this amazing story by Benjamin Holmes on NPR’s Snap Judgement.  To escape gang violence and a false, trumped up charge, he actually faked his own death and lived on the run for ten years, using his brother’s name until his wife unsuccessfully shot him for money. In the hospital he used his own name for the first time in a decade.  Tired of running, he turned himself in to the FBI with a New York Times reporter and is now free and happy while his story helped the Feds in their efforts to clean up his city. His quote, “Her shooting me is actually what freed me”, struck a chord with me and I had to ask the question of you dear reader; What terrible event or even multiple events have shifted your perspective and have actually been a gift? One that comes to mind for me was my DUI.

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  • Let’s Get Real When Behind the Wheel- NO TEXTING

    Let’s Get Real When Behind the Wheel- NO TEXTING

    We’ve all been there.  Driving down the interstate, marveling at the multi-tasking we see going on in other cars.  People behind the wheels of massive steel machines, barreling down the road at legal speeds of 70 mph, also applying makeup, eating lunch, talking on the phone, and texting.  Some drivers have children in their cars, future drivers who are picking up their queue on the dos and don’ts of driving from their parents or older siblings.  Is it okay to text while driving?

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Peru Comes to North Sarasota, Brasa and Pisco

It's been influencing global cuisine for centuries, and Peru's culinary excellence is finally getting the attention it deserves in our area with the recent opening of Brasa & Pisco. Owners Luis and Dante are brothers, both born in Peru, who had been at The Ritz for seven years before opening Brasa & Pisco last October. Young, passionate, yet humble, these two siblings have finally come in to their entrepreneurial spirits, influenced by their parents who both owned businesses.

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SRQ Scoop

Can You Write? We Need You!

We need writers and we know that our area (and the surrounding areas) boasts some very talented people.  If you have a story to share about yourself, your company, your entertainment group or your family, PLEASE…. We would love to hear from you.

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